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The Columbia Basin Handyman LLC

Monday - Friday: 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Kennewick, WA 99336

License # COLUMBCB836KK


Do you have small projects around the house that need completion? Did you start a project, and it got over your head? There is no job too small.  Are there some things you want to change, but do not know where to start?  Let Mike help you finish these projects so you can enjoy your home the way you want to.  Give him a call for a no obligation, FREE estimate for your project.  Call Mike at 509-420-6960.


I'm handy in Bathrooms. Plumbing problems are not only annoying - they can harm your home if not taken care of accordingly.  I can replace your vanity, repair your vanity or tub faucet.  Is you toilet in need of replacing or just need small repair?  I can help with almost any issue you may have in your bathroom.  

I am a Carpenter. Nothing makes a home look more unique or more beautiful than professional, custom carpentry.  Do you have a room that needs new trim, a wall installed or removed?  I can install and build new features such as mantels, cabinets, shelves, and more.

I'm handy with Doors. Do you need a exterior door replaced?  Or a storm door installed?  Do you need new locks or deadbolts installed?  Are the door seals bad?  I can help you with any situation you have with your doors.

I fix Electricity. Do you have household projects that involve electrical components?  Or are you having electrical issues you do not know how to fix? I can install new features and fix existing ones from light fixture replacement to new outlet and electrical repair.  


I'm handy with Drywall. Do you have small holes or patches that need repair?  Is there a wall that needs sheet-rock and texturing? I can help with all stages of the drywall process, from hanging and installing sheet-rock, to taping, muding, and texturing to a professional finish.  

I'm handy in the Kitchen. Do you have leaky faucet or drain?  Do you want do do small updates such as a sink and faucet?  Or are you looking at appliance replacement?  I can help from appliance replacement and installation to many other kitchen repair and replacement.  

I'm handy with Exterior projects.  Is there siding in need of repair or replacement?  Do you have gutters that are leaking or need repair?  I can help with many different exterior repairs and issues.  

I can help with Home Maintenance. Many items in your home need constant maintenance; furnace filter replacement, smoke detector inspection, check exterior drainage, or check caulking on interior or exterior and much more.